10 May 2007


A brief eyeblink, and another week (or so) of our collective lives disappears into empty ambiguity, here at the festering ass-end of Bush World. Hardly a minute passes these days that I don’t ask myself: how did we get here? And that’s usually followed up with: how long is this crap supposed to last?

More useless, unanswerable questions. I have a million of them.

Like most people with at least as much sense as a bag of rusty doorknobs, I have an overabundance of questions -- about every conceivable topic -- but no real answers. None. I wonder why that should be, since it implies a lack of understanding or imagination, or a deficit in basic intellectual capacity, or some such woebegone mental failing. I’m no Ph.D. with a closet full of Nobels, perhaps, but I’m reasonably convinced that I’ve escaped the more debilitating effects of the all-pervasive consumerist programming for which American “culture” is so rightly infamous. Still and all, the cognitive squirrel in my psychological “cage” seems to fly off its wheel more often than not anymore. It’s a bit of a problem, you see.

Yes, the squirrel appears to be at the point of expiration, particularly when I force its attention on, say, the Katrina-esque aftermath of that squashed town in Kansas. What paralyzes the mangy rodent in my skull isn’t that the Bushniks completely botched the government’s response to a catastrophic disaster, both prepatory to and afterwards (while characteristically blaming the victims) -- which is only what one would expect; but, rather, it’s the indignant surprise that this most recent example of callous disregard and incompetence has generated. What the happy monkey fuck is
that? Pardon me, but I seem to remember something about a huge hurricane, in tandem with a federal emergency management apparatus thoroughly corrupted by Neo-Con/corporatist malfeasance, that largely destroyed a major American city a couple of years ago. Is it possible -- actually possible -- that the people of Kansas are completely unaware of the nightmarish horror in New Orleans, brought about by an un-elected “administration” of jugheaded thugs, that continues even today? Jesus H. Christ ... my squirrel just had a coronary.

No disrespect for the citizens of Kansas is intended, even towards the nitwits and chuckleheads who’ve done more than their share to sustain in power the totalitarian ideologues who, now, are shitting all over their hail- and wind-blown heads. I actually like Kansas, I really do -- in fact, I regretfully passed on an opportunity to attend Kansas State University back in the early 1990’s, in order to pursue other endeavors. But
that, as they say, is another story. Now is now, as they also say, and now is the era of every sad sack, tornado-eater, and collapsing levee-loser for him- or herself. We’re on our own out here, utterly alone; just cannon fodder and rat bait is what we are. Expectorating righteous invective over the outrageous larcenies and abject failures of political tools, big-money shills, and corporate whores seems, well, oddly superfluous and somehow just plain weird ... But then, come to think of it, applying that particular brand of logic would mean that there’s no reason to continue with this bullshit blogging business ...

Damn that cognitive squirrel! I think I’ll put that little fucker out of its misery.

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