02 May 2007


So, the fake monkey-puppet “president” vetoed the latest Congressional blank check for his illegal, no-end-in-sight, disastrously misfired misadventure in the failed state of Iraq. Burdened as it was with watery, rather weak-kneed provisions that kinda sorta -- maybe -- politely asked for the possibility of perhaps considering going through the motions of appearing to get the fuck out of that sadly despoiled country, this most recent debt-busting giveaway to the war-profiteer industry was ignominiously smacked by Mensa Man, wielding his big throbbing veto stick as only a true blue-blood Connecticut cowboy can.

It’s all so utterly shocking.

Well, not really. Nothing that occurs anymore in this pathetic era is particularly surprising. As far as
this little stage-managed melodrama is concerned, the only source of suspense lies in wondering how long it will take before the Democrats in Congress cave in yet again, like the craven cowards they are, to the single-minded and implacably evil neo-con will. They’ve come to be so accomplished in the role of drooling lapdogs, especially over the past six-plus years, that anything short of abject surrender is practically inconceivable.

You just know -- you just
do -- that the betrayal is being cobbled together even now, behind any number of closed doors in the offices of Reid and Pelosi. Of course, it will be characterized as a “compromise” in the spirit of “bipartisanship,” or some such poisonous bat squeeze. In real terms though, what it’ll mean is that the Neo-Nazi meathead in the White House gets precisely what his string-pullers want, the Democratic “leadership” pontificates and blusters in an unsuccessful attempt to convince the majority who placed them in charge of Congress that they really aren’t a sleazy gang of Vichyite collaborators, and the crucible of larceny and murder in Iraq (and, perhaps, elsewhere) gets to keep boiling over for the foreseeable future.

Brace yourselves -- the newest betrayal is coming soon.

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