28 May 2007


This is one of many photos I snapped during a visit to the American cemetery in Luxembourg, way the hell back in 1987. Crap, I just realized that makes it twenty years ago -- now that makes me feel even more tired and old than I do already. Oh well, so much for ego and self-esteem. Who needs ’em? Anyway, it was the weekend before Memorial Day that year, and I was a US Air Force chucklehead stationed in Germany, doing my dubious best to protect the Western World from being over-run and brutally enslaved by the ruthless Soviet hordes ... or so we were told, periodically, by the hilariously uninformative propaganda commercials broadcast on the Armed Forces Network electric tee-vee.

A few hours on a bus brought me and a few compatriots to Luxembourg, where we guzzled beer and ate pizza and, basically, all the things that twenty-something GI’s overseas managed to do in that era. Tramping out to the American cemetery was part of the package; as a sort of “student” of the Second World War, admittedly my interest was peaked by the historical aspects of what the boneyard signified, not so much by the fact that thousands of soldiers killed in the war -- mostly during the Battle of the Bulge -- are actually buried there. Not that I didn’t appreciate that fact, but when you’re young and it’s more than forty years after the end of the war ... you understand.

Well, I was a generationally removed GI in Europe, and it was Memorial Day. I wonder what these poor bastards would think if they were here today and could check out this little video from Take Back The Media: what do you suppose would cross their minds if they were to discover that a descendant of Nazi sympathizers and war profiteers is now the de facto dictator of the nation that they served in the titanic struggle to destroy the Nazis? Would that be seen as cruelly ironic, maybe, or as a sick joke, or what?

About the only conclusion I can draw, on this Memorial Day, is that the Nazis actually won the war after all.

Again, take a look: www.takebackthemedia.com/bushnonazi.html

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