28 January 2008


A brief peek out from under the ragged edge of my own personal hidey-hole blanket -- an archaic leftover from a long-departed era where people you knew actually made things with their bare hands; in this case, a preciously frayed knitted “afghan” that’s always exuded this inexplicable odor of yarn soaked in over-boiled tea -- shows me a mildly unexpected sight ... our brave Democratic Vichyite appeasers in the Senate have, again, surprisingly beaten back the little yappy chihuahua of retroactive telecom “immunity.” Not that it means diddly in the long run, since we all know that Reid will cravenly cave in eventually. But, for a brief moment at least, we can indulge the dishonest fiction that the Dem “leadership” actually stands for something. What a nice squishy fantasy that is.

Come on, let’s face it: the present clatch of Vichy Democrats in Congress have no chance, and even less inclination, to put the brakes to this runaway freight train full of pure vetch and bad intentions, otherwise known as the Neo-Con Experience. I welcome unexpected surprises like what happened today, as would anybody with an intellectual capacity somewhere beyond a bag of doorknobs and/or a box of rocks. But my desperation at the state of things is fundamentally tempered by a bottomless, cynical realism; in other words, there’s no way in fucking hell one tiny little tactical “victory,” if that’s even the proper characterization for this temporary telecom thing, can possibly make up for literally years of savage betrayals on the part of the Democratic “leaders.” They tell us what we want to hear in order to take control of Congress, then they rat-fuck us all every day since ... Are we just supposed to forget (not to mention forgive) this rather ugly, iron-clad fact? I can’t, at any rate. But a number of “liberal” and self-declared “progressive” bloggers and punditizers are doing just that -- I even saw one piece that deliriously celebrated the apparently re-discovered Democratic “spine,” which has been missing in action for god knows how long. Oh jeeze, give me a stinkin’ break.

I heard Pelosi’s introduction of Monkey Man and his “state of the union” vaudeville routine. Actually, the only time this catastrophe of a House speaker should be invoking the name of this giggling untermensch is when articles of impeachment are being introduced. Hah hah. But anyway, Pelosi’s gushing over this pimply little killer is enough for me -- I’m pulling the blanket back over my head. Wake me in a year or so ...

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Thersites D. Scott said...

Howdy, EB. I just stumbled across this post while wasting time ego-googling the name of my blog, VichyDems, partly to see how widely the term "Vichy" has spread since I started in early '06. (I didn't invent it, but there were something like 20 Google hits on it when I named my blog.)

Then I got the bright idea of blogwhoring to (I mean, building a community with) the folks who are, like me, concerned about the reluctance of so many Dems (even post-Congressional-takeover) to act like vertebrates. I'm going to bookmark everyone who seems concerned about this issue, try to get some regular communications going, and hopefully create a community that can take action sometimes (for instance, when there's a Vichy Dem being opposed by a progressive Dem in a Congressional primary).

For what it's worth, VichyDems doesn't push a radical, shoot-them-all agenda; I like pols who can be reasonable and reach across the aisle when possible, and I want to retain a majority (which couldn't happen if all the Blue Dogs were immediately expelled, and explains why people still talk to Joe Lieberman) -- and I push those realities a lot -- but incremental change, especially in primaries where one Dem can be replaced with another who's equally electable, seems like a good tactic for those who think being left of the right shoulder isn't the same as being in the actual middle of the road!

Right now I'm heavily focused on the Presidential campaign, and backing Obama (which may alienate some people) -- but hopefully that will be over soon and I can get back to more grassroots organization.

If you're interested in being part of this community, and in my bookmarks/lister/anti-vichy blogroll, would you please shoot me an email at vichy at safe-mail.net?

Thanks -- nice to meet you -- and nice to find your bloggie!

T.D. Scott