27 July 2007


Not a day passes within this milieu of micturating morons, this tired tableau of tribulated trickeries and diversified dumbness, that I fail to thank [insert favorite deity-image here] for beer. We may be sinking fast down a murky right-wing rat hole, and there probably isn't a great deal we can do about it -- at least we can still patronize the local brewpub and, unaccountably encouraged by the cloying atmosphere produced by clots of neighborhood drunks and greasy food and AC/DC songs playing on the musak machine, gratefully toss up an alcoholic fog of blessed relief. The bare fact that said relief is illusory at best, and temporary in any case, is beside the point. Logic and reason are all fine and good in their respective places, but you have to set them aside every once in awhile. Right now seems like a good time.

It's especially appropriate to jettison the burden of reasonably linear, rational thinking when confronted with the notion of the US Congress taking a month off, leaving Cheney and Rove free to work their uniquely vulgar brand of deadly mischief unimpeded. Yeah, I know -- six months into the present legislative term and the Vichyite leadership has done very little, if anything, to hobble the Neo-Con juggernaut. However, their physical presence in DC, as feeble and ineffectual as it is, at least serves as a symbolic counterweight to Cheneyist ambitions; the thought that they’re going to abandon the capital to such a Stalinist-inclined administration, for an entire month, is enough to send me stumbling back to the bar, rudely shoving the nearly immobilized alcoholics and the ugly transvestite with the guitar out of the way, to desperately order another round of brewed forgetfulness.

Weren't some of these vacation-minded Congressional nitwits recently scolding their counterparts in the puppet Iraqi government for proposing pretty much the exact same thing that they, themselves, are planning to do? Oh yes, I forgot -- hypocrisy is not the exclusive property of the Republican party, as much as we'd like like to believe otherwise. DLC Democrats are just as brazenly adept in its use as any diaper-loving, prostitute-addicted "family values" GOP dirtbag could ever hope to be. In fact, riding on the hot wind of revulsion and anger and disgust among the voting public (at least those fortunate to actually have their votes counted accurately), the Dem leadership is probably more hypocritical than the Republicans, in that they pretend they weren't swept back into control of Congress with the express mandate to end the war and rinse the stain of this phony administration out of the US political system’s collective undershorts. Instead of vigorously moving forward with the urgent -- desperately urgent -- task of nailing these bottom-feeding bastards to the lonely wooden stake of their perfidious criminality, and hanging them out to dry while an aroused citizenry reviles them unmercifully, our Democratic saviors intend to indulge the one base instinct that even a chuckleheaded fuck like George Bush understands: they go on vacation.

I wonder if these paragons of the pathetic, these monumentally ineffective shills who, theoretically at least, function as "leaders" in Congress, ever imagine that this ill-timed recess could very well be the last one they ever take. The Chimp, prodded by the Neo-Con puppeteers fighting for finger room in his scaly ass, has quietly erected the legal foundations for the dictatorship to come; one carefully staged, sufficiently bloody and destructive "terrorist" attack, and the betraying Vichy Democrats won't have a Congress to which to return. I just wonder if that ever crosses the minds of Reid and Pelosi. I wonder.

A beer -- I need another beer! Quick!

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