16 July 2007


Everybody could use a change now and again -- a change of scenery, a change in employment, a change of clothes; a new vice for an old one, a new opportunity for a stale dead one. You all get the picture, surely.

I certainly don't need any new bad habits, however, since those I have at present are sufficiently ridiculous and debilitating to last a lifetime or two. Don't need a new wardrobe either, or a car, or some such ephemeral consumerist pacifier.

What I seem to be in need of most is merely a radical, fundamental alteration of the vocational realm. In other words, a new job, a job that has a discernible depth of meaning, one that has a true public purpose, preferably something that serves the needs of the citizenry at large; or, failing that, at least a position from which to snipe, snarl, and snarkify at the entrenched criminal dinosaurs who've managed to transform this country into -- whatever the hell it's become.

So, if anyone has any (reasonably polite) suggestions for a disaffected bastard searching for something meaningful within the filled-to-overflowing and rapidly collapsing septic tank of the dollar economy, who's toiled at just about every conceivable crap job from punching keys on a cash register to fighting fire, from soil engineering and cartooning and cabinetmaking to being a full-time student, and back again -- I'm all ears. I can play the bass guitar a little, and I have a pretty good working knowledge of computer-based audio recording; modern-day political culture makes me both infuriated and sick to my stomach; and I like beer, for whatever
that's worth. Like I said, if anybody has any ideas ...

Yes, well. Please excuse this sickeningly self-indulgent flapdoodle. We'll return to the regularly scheduled program of vomitus bile soon enough.

am serious about the job thing, by the way.

UPDATE: Really, people. If you're seriously looking for employment information with the state of California (good luck), please go here. For crying out loud.

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