26 January 2007


Dawn in midtown Sacramento ...

...is, I would imagine, pretty much the same as in any other comparably-sized city: everything looks gray and dingy, there never seems to be any place to park, and the homeless legions are beginning yet another useless day of mere survival, way out on the precipitous ass-end of the Bush economy. The SUV people are doing their thing, of course, plowing through the rapidly lightening streets as if the great mass of us financially indistinct people are invisible; fat morons blabbering into cell phones, smartly-dressed jaywalkers, and police officers on bicycles round off this mildly spasmodic tableau -- this weird snapshot of vague determination and ostentatious indifference.

I have to say one somewhat positive thing about this bland and fuzzy town -- my dear old home town -- at least there’s no overabundance of affection for the Baboon-in-Chief, and the Neo-Con program in general, around these parts. Of course, this situation prevails largely because most people here pay very little attention to anything of importance unless they absolutely have to, and even then it’s usually as brief and superficial as possible. Professional basketball teams owned by Las Vegas billionaires, and fools who drown themselves at the instigation of a gaggle of assholes at a local radio station (as well as the armada of pointless distractions inherent to the disposable California consumer culture as a whole) ordinarily suffice to stretch the leaking brain-bag of your average Valley chucklehead to the bursting point. Very little elasticity remains for warm feelings toward the Stalinist freaks in the Bush regime -- and I guess that’s a good thing, all things considered.

Sigh. I’m going back to bed.

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Kvatch said...

But the picture is very pretty...nonetheless.