31 July 2006


That's it -- that's all. I sincerely want to believe that this blogging bullshit makes a difference -- I wasted the previous post trying to convince myself of this curious idea. Well, I admit my error in this regard. The continuing carnage in Lebanon, Iraq, and all other present and future domains of the Neo-Con Death Cult ... and the photos that document this horror, have pushed me beyond the bend. Dead children, headless babies ... for Christ's fucking sake! What the hell are we doing here?

Sorry -- I just can't do this anymore. You all can continue on with this sad fiction if you want, this delusion that blogging is a concrete activity, that it makes a real difference to real people ... Blogging is a degenerate psychological salve, an empty way to convince your psyche that you're actually doing something when you really aren't. It's a cheap, gimicky trick to divert our attention away from our own complicity in all this madness. I apologize for my offensiveness, but I simply can't buy into this crap anymore. So I'm taking an extended "vacation" from this nonsense, in a desperate attempt to uncover real courses of action in the face of the insanity -- not that it matters to anybody.

Take care, friends -- watch your backs.

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the captain said...

I feel ya man.
I have pretty much stopped posting on my blog for the same reasons...what's the point anymore? Are these nimrods even going to get it, will they care??!! Their brains are so sauced in Kool-aid that there is probably no turning back for them. There seems to be way more evil than good in the world now and it scares me shitless. I actually got so paranoid for awhile I started stocking up on supplies in case they (when they) attack Iran.
Sometimes at night when I am looking up at the billions of stars, planets and galaxies that are out there, I know, I know that there is so much more to this than that.
We are all on this great big cosmic journey together my friend and even though it seems that all hope is lost there really is some good out there...really!
This line from my favorite Dead song ( Scarlet Begonias) gives me good 'Joo Joo':
"Once in a while
you get shown the light
in the strangest of places
if you look at it right."
As hard as it is, and believe me I know how you feel. WE CANNOT LET THEM WIN. They thrive on fear, hate and despair. Don't give it to them.
Ps I like your blog dude, you’re a great writer; you write from the heart. Not any easy thing to do.

Peace, Lee