16 July 2006


Does anybody actually believe that this “blogging” business serves a useful purpose? Is anything really accomplished, are any goals reached, problems solved, or breakthroughs achieved? I mean, truly? With the world so rapidly spinning out of control, I have to seriously wonder -- as I flounder in a congealed stew of despair and loathing -- what purpose this ridiculous monkey-motion has. If any at all.

Yeah, I can’t help but think that this is merely an enormous waste of breath, an expenditure of hot air that possesses no value. Listening to the inane chatter and the astoundingly trivial gum-flapping of your average barfly, suburban gridlock-jockey, and all the other turgid simpletons and brainwashed numbskulls that comprise the vast ugly mass of the American body politic, only confirms the basic futility of this endeavor. Certainly, the more progressive end of the blogging spectrum manages to produce a healthy amount of noise, as it scrutinizes and dissects the rotten, bloated cadaver that was once representative government and political democracy in this country, but does any of it get through to the hordes of apolitical blockheads out there? Are we all just preaching to ourselves, without reference to anything beyond our narrowly-defined ideological boundaries? Is it even important to reach out and make an impression upon the bored and greasy swarms of uninformed nitwits who, unfortunately, seem to be in the majority? In a nutshell: is there any point at all to whatever the hell we’re doing?

What would be the point in, say, dribbling out an angry screed about Israeli aggression against Lebanon? Do you think any of your low-budget schmucks give a shit about more poor Arabs being blown to pieces by high-tech weaponry? These sorts of criminal acts are being committed every day in Iraq and Afghanistan -- where’s the groundswell of righteous anger and indignation about that, outside of the left-leaning side of the blogoshere? It just isn’t there, for all I can see. How do we change that? Or can we? Are we to be the catalyst for change, the jump-start to a fundamental quantum-leap in human awareness, the consciousness-expanding engine that helps propel humanity along the upward track of evolution, away from the retrograde passions and selfish imperatives at the core of our reptilian brain-stems? ... or are we destined to continue spitting pithy invective and clever witticisms and smart-alecky nonsense at each other, while the SUV-driving, cell-phone addicted, TV-watching know-nothings ignore everything completely?

Well, to the half-dozen or so people who accidentally read this blog each week, I sincerely apologize for this depressingly hopeless tirade of absurd questions that nobody could answer. It’s just so difficult to be optimistic these days.


profmarcus said...

the value is simple... you are putting out there what you believe to be true or, for that matter, what you believe to be false or, better yet, what you BELIEVE... whether one person reads it or several thousand makes no difference... you are doing what you can and that in itself makes it worthwhile... i succumb to the same despair from time to time and i think we would be less than human if, in these terrible times, we didn't occasionally do so... but, i have realized again and again that blogging, for me, is more than just putting my truth out there... it is also my sanity... keep it up...

quakerdave said...

I agree with the previous comment. Why give in despair? Why not build a community of like-minded people who might use this vehicle to educate themselves, and then - better yet - might be motivated to action?

Light that candle in the darkness. Work now to keep it lit.