23 April 2006


Oh, what a ridiculous grab-bag of BS from which to choose this week. Whether it be the continuing personnel bloodletting inside the debased precincts of the White House, Rice's questionable shenanigans with AIPAC, "wild speculations" over the dead certainty of a US attack on Iran, the price of gasoline, or the bile-churning idea that Chimp-in-Chief Bush actually set foot in the state of California -- all just minor, individual symptoms of a much wider and extensive socio-political illness besetting this poor dumb country of ours -- well hell, what's a lazy, complaining, pissed-off fool with no life supposed to do, when presented with such an overflowing cornucopia of repulsive stupidity? It's all just too damn much to chew on, I swear.

Actually, no thinking person could possibly give two hummingbird farts about Quacker Scott McClellan; the fact that Condaleeza Rice passes on secrets to functionaries of a foreign government -- that's old news with the Leaker-in-Chief regime of an unelected drunk who just happens to be one heckuva Decider; as far as the astronomical rise in gas prices is concerned, it's rather plain that it's merely one of the subsidiary corporate benefits of all the deranged war-on-Iran talk, if not one of its immediate and deliberate goals; and even George Bush's befouling visit to California means nothing in the wider scheme of things, since he's generally regarded here as a paper-thin buffoon with a head packed with wet cement and a mouth full of hog snot. But even so, when forced to endure the never-ending stomach-churning kaleidoscope of thievery and corruption, the maelstrom of minutiae in a world that's out of control, every now and then something stands out a bit from the ordinary run of despair-riddled puke and dreck that's constantly being extruded upon our conscious minds.

For me, the one thing of distinctive character from this past week has to be the curious visit of the Chinese "president" with his equally questionable American counterpart. Having paid only scant attention to this absurd spectacle, I nevertheless can't shake the feeling that what we were reluctantly witnessing was a 21st-century version of the expedient (and, ultimately, catastrophic) Nazi-Soviet rapprochement that took place during the summer of 1939. Now, as we remember from our study of history, Hitler was, at that time, desperately determined to prevent the Soviets from joining the Allied side against him, a development which would've derailed his long-planned invasion of Poland; by offering Stalin something that the British and French would not -- that is, to divide Poland between them and to further delineate each other's spheres of influence throughout the rest of eastern Europe -- Hitler got what he needed the most: Russia's benevolent neutrality and, indeed, active participation in the destruction of Poland. The fact that the Germans eventually turned on the Soviet Union, as any moron could've predicted they would do, is of no real consequence. Political expediency is what mattered, and Stalin's cynical collusion with his arch-enemy allowed Hitler to lay the bases for further, and much more far-flung, acts of aggression and conquest -- not the least of which, against the Soviet Union itself. So, Hitler was given the green light to start the war for which he had such an insane hankering, and we all know what happened subsequently.

After watching bits and pieces of the recent Bush-Hu vaudeville routine, the main questions that come to mind are: Which one of these bastards is playing the role of Hitler, and which one is Stalin? What secret deals are being hatched out of the ponderous, but sickly fertile, political machinery of both China and the United States? What sovereign entity finds itself on the super-power auction-block now? Whose access to natural resources and lebensraum is currently at issue? Yeah, I realize that the business of concocting historical analogies is, at best, fraught with difficulties and is hardly an exact science. Or a science at all, for that matter. However, it's tough to argue with the fact that here you have two monstrous, despotically-inclined empires -- the US and China -- clearly on an historic collision course with each other. Like the Russians and Nazi Germans, they'll continue to play nice publicly, so long as there's some perceived advantage in doing so, and even conspire together when circumstances warrant. But, in the long run, a confrontation is more than inevitable -- historical logic practically requires it. It's happened many times in the past, and considering how easily human energies and intellects are bent and twisted toward the nefarious needs of the powerful, it'll happen again. Guaranteed.

I realize that this is nothing more than a hopeless, useless, and utterly bleak scenario of doom -- if you don't like it, if you're what the Rude Pundit so wonderfully describes as a "wad of fuck," or if you're just an empty-headed optimist who's too deluded and distracted to sniff out the truth ... well, that's not really my problem.

By the way, the Rude Pundit is a real blog, not the phony "wad of fuck" you see here.

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