16 April 2006


I don’t mind admitting that my imagination can’t really encompass the idea of the Bushniks unleashing a nuclear holocaust on Iran. Not that I’m suddenly unable to believe the absolute worst of our cross-eyed microcephalic baboon of a President and his associated goon-squad -- the course of events over the past 5+ years proves, rather conclusively, that this rabid power-crazed gang of bloodthirsty thugs doesn’t shrink away from pretty much any course of action that could be seen to further their bleak agenda. But actually initiating nuclear warfare? Even as I despise this “administration” of Neo-Nazis with every fiber of my being, I have a very difficult time believing they would really go that far.

The fact is, the Bush regime simply doesn’t need to use nuclear weapons in its single-minded campaign to impose its malevolent will on the world, and naturally, to physically control the earth’s oil reserves. The threat to do so is sufficient to its purposes, and it dovetails nicely with their basic methodology of sowing constant doubt, confusion, and undifferentiated fear in the minds of both their intended victims and their domestic opponents. Of course, given the nature of the psychotic felons in charge, and the monumentally retrograde qualities of the PNAC/Neo-Con agenda they so devotedly serve, nobody can predict, with any reasonable amount of certainty, what’s really going on within their pox-riddled skulls; Rumsfeld, Cheney, et al -- Beelzebub’s ball-washers, every last one of them -- very well may be angling to satisfy their jones for destruction and mass death by raining nuclear fire down upon the Iranian population. Clearly, the impulse to kill and destroy is deeply ingrained in the pickled minds of these sick old men, but there’s no logical or practical reason -- or even a military reason -- why nuclear-tipped “bunker busters” (or whatever the hell they’re called) must be employed to help satisfy their amorphous armageddonist proclivities, at least as far as Iran is concerned. When one considers the size and lethality of the “conventional” arsenal at the Chimp-in-Chief’s incomprehensible disposal, nukes are, at best, superfluous and thoroughly unpredictable -- a pandora’s box that, in my opinion, the greed-freaks and blood-swillers aren’t actually prepared to open. At least not yet.

With all due respect to Seymour Hersh -- perhaps the last real journalist left standing in this sorry excuse for a “democratic republic” -- I’d suspect that the information he recently gleaned from undisclosed Pentagon insiders, concerning the Bush regime’s (purported) nuclear fetish within its (absolutely certain) intention to launch criminal aggression against Iran, could likely be part of yet another sophisticated psychological misdirection ploy, hatched out of the fertile imaginations of such paragons of virtue like Karl Rove or Dick “Trigger-Happy” Cheney. Surely aware of Hersh’s almost other-worldly credibility and scrupulous adherence to the tenets of old-school journalistic integrity, I think it’s entirely possible that they planted these high-ranking informants with their grim tales of nuclear woe, to bend the Iran “discussion” away from such uncomfortable notions as the legality or morality or the economic & political ramifications of a US attack (any type of attack), toward the uselessly technical question of how such an attack may or may not be effected. By injecting the “nuculer” idea into the proceedings, it makes any other possible course of military action -- short of atomic warfare -- somehow seem reasonable in comparison. Let me hasten to point out that this is not some insinuating, back-door condemnation of Seymour Hersh, who, as I said, is the only authentic journalist of any consequence left in the fetid cesspool that is American media. My point is, it’s Hersh’s rather unassailable standing that would make him a perfect -- if unwitting -- dupe, for the liars and killers in the so-called “administration”, in these circumstances.

Well, maybe I’m just terminally paranoid, but that’s what living in Bush’s rubber-walled schizophrenic pressure-cooker will do to you. I admit that I, in all likelihood, may be totally misunderstanding and underestimating the significance of Hersh’s latest bombshell (pardon the pun); on the other hand, there’s no doubt whatsoever that, given their over-preponderance of “conventional” military power and an over-heated willingness to transform their degenerate fantasies into reality, the Neo-Cons don’t necessarily need to use nuclear weapons on Iran. But anything is possible with these miscreant bottom-feeders, so you can’t rule out anything. The war has already begun anyway, so I guess this has all been just more wasted wind on yet another foregone conclusion.


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