31 January 2009


This one's for Lee over at Captain Quahog -- tickets to see the Dead? You lucky bastard.


Lee said...

ED!! Yup, I'm going. Had to sell a kidney, no job, credit cards maxed but damn it I'm going to see them!
Ya know, I was at this show, when they taped this video. I'm in the audience!! Leguna Seca, 1987 (or 86). They came out into the campground and got everybody to come back to the stage at around midnight. I was hammered (as was most of the band, Bill Kreutzman especially!)
It was really foggy and a lot of fun!
We will get by…
Those 4 words have got me through many a tough time in my life.

E. B. said...

Hey Lee:

While you were enjoying yourself far too much -- I think winding up in a Grateful Dead video qualifies as such -- I was hip-deep in US Air Force gobbledygook in Germany (that's where my stupid profile photo was taken). My brother took me to my first Dead show around that time, at the Kaiser, during an extended leave. I've never looked back, and the Dead was the glue that held my psyche together all through the military meatgrinder experience.

Sure wish I could see them again; I don't suppose they'll make their way to Sacramento, but whatever.

No job? Maxed credit cards? A future of excessive bleakness? It's nice to know I have company on this dank road ... Take care, my friend.