23 June 2007


Still pissed; still encased in the wrought-iron rat trap of impotent fury; still stupefied by a debilitating rictus of extremely foul and ugly anger; still -- still -- overwhelmed by a sick, almost pleasurable desire to tear the living crap out of something, anything ... The quickly degenerating, adrenalized blur of an overly-energetic temper, exhausting and depressing as it is, is still obscenely tickling the reptilian sections of my unraveling brain sack, even as I mightily combat the nearly irresistible need to just take a nap for the next year and a half.

Oh well, at least the two praying hypocrisy-mongering dorks aren’t in my rapidly diminishing field of vision this morning, here at the groovy midtown coffeehouse. That’s something. Not much, but I’ll take what I can get.


Then along comes something like this, and the brief respite from destructive thoughts -- generated by the absence of the two religionist retards -- swiftly evaporates, not unlike campaign promises the day after an election. A headline from this morning’s Sacramento Bee:

Bush rejects secrecy limits

White House, like VP, says it’s exempt from oversight

Not that it’d serve any useful purpose, but let’s make at least a rudimentary attempt to understand this particular circle-jerk of hubris and misapplied ambition. Cheney the Cyborg isn’t subject to the rules regarding the handling of classified material because his office isn’t really a part of the executive branch; the Chimp now declares that the executive order he signed doesn’t actually apply to him, so the Congress, the Democrats, the American people, and the rest of the world’s population (outside of Albania) can all just go pound sand and fuck itself ... Umm, OK. Sounds about right. I suppose if they can establish that the executive branch of the Federal government isn’t, in real terms, a true branch of the government -- a secret, rogue agency, perhaps, responsible and answerable to no one -- maybe that’s an argument saying that they can’t be impeached or otherwise removed from office, under any circumstances ... Oh hell, I don’t know. I’m too tired and angry to figure out any of this crap.

Anyhow. I finagled a ticket to a sneak preview of Sicko tonight; maybe that’ll cheer me up. Ha Ha.

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--Blue Girl said...

"There is nothing more infuriating than impotence in the face of fury" me, early a.m. on 12 September 2001 in a discussion forum.

I know this sentiment. If not for my local coffee shop, I would surely have set my locks alight by now.