14 April 2007


Tough to argue with, really. A standing ovation for the
Freeway Blogger.


Celia said...

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Lee said...

fantastik, blog, good, spammmmmmmmmm.

At least you get spam about weed. I usually get either 'enlarge your penis' or 'King Wanna Be from Tikibikisabu' wanting me to give him my bank info because I'm going to be Rich Biatch!!

Love the freeway blogger!!!

Got your CD yeasterday. Haven't listened yet...today. Thanks Bro.

E. Buttler said...

Yeah, I like the comment about the "awesome colors," which is supposedly about a blog that's largely grey and white. Believe me, I get plenty of the "give me your bank information because I know you're a stupid friggin' idiot" and/or the genetalia varieties of spam.

Note: "Barstool Chronicles" really isn't an extension of, or a reference to, the "Barstool Rumba" thing -- except insofar as barstools have played a rather significant role in my sad, lonely life. Oh well.

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