23 February 2007


How did we get to this place?

It’s a question that often flutters across the jumbled landscape of my conscious mind, or what passes for a conscious mind. I’m sure it occurs to most thinking people, at various times and in widely divergent levels of piquancy. How did we get to this place? What a question -- it completely beggars an answer.

I caught just a few glimpses too many of the most recent elitist pissing contest involving Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and the question above comes hurling back and washes over my battered skull like a new and improved migraine, this time appended to a further query: Who the fuck are these two artificial, political-machine creatures kidding? I mean, seriously. Such an infantile spectacle, a vile cabaret, a phony made-for-TV time-sucker, all designed by big-money DLC-types to both distract the unwashed masses and provide mountains of raw meat for the sub-human propagandist scum at Fox and elsewhere. So, while overpriced douchebags like David Geffen compete to see which Vichy Democrat can be most thoroughly compromised and co-opted and suffocated in the stale commodiousness of his deep corporate pockets, the Neo-Con machine continues its relentless rampage of death, undeterred and smirking broadly. The repugs stay on message, while alleged “Democrats” stick to their role of ineffectual, self-serving bozos -- solidifying the crucial, and perhaps decisive, part they’re playing in the systematic dismantling of representative government in this pathetic excuse for a country. Unbelievable.

All I’ll say further about this bullshit: assuming that there’ll even be something like a legitimate election a year and a half from now, and assuming also that Clinton or Obama actually contrive to win it, what do you suppose will be the real and true significance of such an unlikely occurrence? The first woman dictator of the United States? How about the first ever African-American despot? Because sure as George W. Bush is the stupidest sock-puppet to ever illegally squat in the sickeningly debased office of the Presidency, if he and his regime aren’t swiftly removed (like yesterday) and the imperial precedents he’s set permanently squashed, that’s precisely what will happen -- the continuation of this disaster, only with a new figurehead fuehrer. Think on that the next time a manufactured story of unabashed political whoring is pounded over your heads, which shouldn’t be too long in coming.

How did we get to this place?

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