17 December 2006


I regretfully admit that I don’t devote the necessary brain space to the plethora of disasters the Bush junta is constantly manufacturing for us, as perhaps I should. There’s small consolation in the fact that I’m hardly unique in this rather shabby regard; the chattering gaggle of disgusting drunks, big-screen TV sports dorks, and worthlessly generic barstool monkeys -- my sadly degenerate circle of acquaintances in this foul epoch -- if anything, seem more determined to obscure the ugly, doom-filled implications of present-day reality than I’ve ever been. I guess they wouldn’t be the mildly entertaining alcohol-soaked wastoids they are, otherwise.

You know, these pathetic nitwits force me to consider that maybe, just maybe, indifference might really be the ultimate coping device. We’re all just trying to cope, in one way or another, so I wonder: turning yourself into a self-willed ignoramus, soaking up beer and artery-busting bar food like a disease-riddled biological sponge, and rabidly and loudly declaiming about televised sports as if they actually mattered ... is that any less legitimate than being “engaged” and/or “informed,” as most of us on the left-leaning edge of the blog world like to think of ourselves? In such a ridiculous era of public disengagement, where democratic participation is a fiction and corporate subversion rages virtually unchallenged, is there any real value in the assumption that our commitment and dedication will turn things around? Does it make any sense at all to work ourselves into a frothy lather over the prospect of a Democratically-controlled Congress and all its “off the table” bullshit, when the season premier of “American Idol” is merely weeks away? Why give thought to war and death when we have credit card limits to stretch beyond all recognition, in the pseudo-celebration ritual commemorating the supposed birth of the Christian messiah?

Criminy ... I may never actually give properly serious thought to the temporal catastrophes glaring at us like bloody vibrating tumors, but I must at least stop patronizing these bars full of stupid people. It doesn’t seem to be doing much for my already shredded state of mind.

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