26 February 2006


As I was saying, the rickety dump that houses the largest congregation of pox-riddled prostitutes the earth has ever seen -- the United States, in other words -- is rapidly deteriorating and soon to be little more than termite-infested scrap lumber at the bottom of some nameless Chinese landfill. Certainly, nothing that's occurred during the past week has done anything to dispel this unfortunate but inescapable conclusion; on the contrary, the absolute conviction that the monsters of fate are poised and ready to bring down their sledgehammers of doom upon our empty and unsuspecting heads has been, naturally, only reinforced and further legitimized by the most recent outrages and brass-balled brazenness of the Bush cabal and its associated minions.

This week's most obvious example of the regime's feckless perfidy is, of course, their signing-off on this ridiculous DP World ports deal. I don't actually want to participate in the great gnashing of teeth and the self-conscious garment-rending that this appalling fiasco has engendered, since far more knowledgeable (and talented) individuals have already unleashed veritable torrents of commentary on, and condemnation of, this odious and thoroughly reprehensible arrangement. No, it's really only of any significance to my feeble reasoning capacity in the way it so plainly gives credence to my whole "whorehouse" thesis. What could be more whorish than facilitating the buying and selling of major sectors of your nation's physical infrastructure,
especially when it involves a disgusting clutch of super-rich Arab despots, rapacious greed-pig tyrants in fact, who also just happen to be long-standing patrons and business collaborators of yourself and all your cronies? If that isn't analogous to a cheap and sordid transaction in the back room of some anonymous whorehouse, I don't know what would be.

By the way, who the hell was even aware of the fact that private corporations -- much less foreign ones -- are actually in the business of running American seaports in the first place?
I certainly wasn't, that's for sure. And judging by the near-hysteria this UAE nonsense has created, even among the foaming-at-the-mouth wing-nut knuckle-dragger Republican-freak crowd, it's apparent that the public in general is utterly ignorant of such matters. But then, that's not particularly surprising, given the dismally degenerate intellectual condition of the huge mass of greasy toilers out there who somehow manage -- despite everything -- to keep the bockety apparatus of Bush's BJ Emporium creaking merrily onward, heading inexorably toward its appointment with disaster.

Anyway, the real question isn't if some Arab sheikhs should or should not be operating six or twenty-one (depending on what report you're reading) US ports; the question is, how long can you continue to pimp-out essential public functions to the corporate world -- Arab or otherwise -- before the entire wobbly structure of thieving and whoring finally falls in on itself? The answer: well, I think we all know what
that would be.

Personally, I believe we need to get in as much beer drinking as we possibly can -- while there's still time.

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